Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic Accounting

Fraud is an ever-present and growing problem for business organizations. It can go undetected for years and is often committed by “trusted” employees. Fraud impacts nearly every organization regardless of size, and the costs can be substantial. Forensic Accounting Fairfield NJ.


What Is Forensic Accounting?

Most people are trustworthy and give you the information you need to understand a situation accurately. Unfortunately, in some cases, you need help deciphering fact from fiction. That’s where forensic accounting comes in.

Forensic accounting is your answer if you suspect fraud or want to prevent fraud. If you need help uncovering data that can lead to solutions, you need forensic accounting. And if you face legal action and need an expert witness, a forensic accountant is your best choice.

Forensic accountants are adept at ferreting the facts; they also excel at analyzing business operations and identifying financial irregularities that can point to potential fraud or misconduct.

Expert Forensic Accounting Services at Zerbo, Zambito & Cafaro CPAs

If you have questions or you’re faced with a confusing array of data, the experienced team at Zerbo, Zambito & Cafaro CPAs can help. We know how to sift through reports, statements, files, and all other relevant materials to uncover the truth – and we boil it down so you understand it.

Count on us to:

Conduct a full financial investigation and communicate our findings in a way that makes sense
advise on compliance issues and criminal safeguards
reconstruct financial information for pre-trial, trial, and settlement proceedings

We help with:

  • asset and income tracing
  • damage computation
  • shareholder/partnership disputes
  • business interruption and lost or diminished profits
  • marital dissolution
  • bankruptcy and insolvency
  • hidden asset allocation
  • embezzlement

We help law firms, public corporations, nonprofits, governmental agencies, privately held businesses, and individuals identify the facts and begin to recover what’s rightfully owed them. Check out our Business Valuation page for more help information.

Members of the Forensic & Valuation section of the AICPA.

Forensic Accounting Fairfield NJ

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